Aug/Sept To Do List

I’ve been working on my art almost every evening, but I still have some things I’ve been avoiding that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I always find it hard to put into words - what my artwork is all about, I seem to always use the same phrases again & again. I also try to stay away from some of the more conceptual ways to talk about art. I tend to stick to materials and process rather than meaning.

I’ve also been ignoring my Etsy shop. I have been making treasuries and interacting with other sellers, but I haven’t been listing any new art. To be honest, it’s a lot of work! Since all my pieces are unique, each listing takes a lot of time to set up, photos, photo editing, descriptions, tags etc.


Anywho - here is my To Do list:

  1. Write an updated artist statement & biography
  2. Take some professional photos of my artwork (waiting on images, thanks Alicia!) The photos turned out AWESOME!
  3. Finish up at least half of the 20 pieces I have in progress.
  4. Design and print new business cards & postcards. (postcards designed)
  5. Get retro animal greeting cards set up and printed.
  6. Get more items on the Etsy shop -
    - having 50 items by the end of Sept. would be awesome. (HAHA! Right!)
  7. If I decide to sell at any of the Pgh. Art/Craft fairs (which I’m considering)
    - I need to get my ducks in a row. (I plan on making a banner so I’m fancy)


Update! I’m participating in TWO art/craft shows this year! An I Made it Market in Bakery Square on Sept. 30th and a show at the Mattress Factory on December 15th. I’m hoping to get more items on my Etsy site, but I’m currently focusing on getting works together to sell at these two markets. Busy, busy, busy - it’s awesome! Updates to come.