Delving back in

It’s been two years since I graduated with my BFA, and I’ve been in an art-making slump since (with the exception of the last few months). While at school, I was always running. From Art History, to my job, to Ceramics, to Environmental Ethics, back to the studio, then back to my apartment. Always rushing, working on projects at odd hours, and generally feeling exhausted all the time.

Since I’ve graduated, I have gotten married, moved to Pittsburgh, and have been working at the Mattress Factory. I’ve learned to cook a few things, have read many books, listened to many records, and basically taken a creative vacation. I’ve organized my art supplies, gathered materials, and set up a studio space in the basement of our apartment, but that space has proven uninspiring. I have been involved in a few shows, and had some work for sale at the Society for Contemporary Craft for a time, but I had been making very little new work. I think the main reason for this was being outside of the art school mindset, no deadlines, no pressures - so no new work.

With the show at the Matthews Art Gallery, I’m happy to say I’m officially back into the swing of things. I’m keeping an idea book again, and I’m being artistically productive in my free time. So, there’s that.