Jan / Feb To Do

Well, my show is up until December 30th! Check out www.therobotoproject.org for music show times, during which my artwork can be seen. OR - email me at samantha.ditch@gmail.com and we can arrange for you to see the space.

January/February To Do:

1. Figure out a better way to display my earrings.
    The card stock I’ve been using is too floppy.

2. Put new grouping on my Etsy shop. (It needs some TLC)

3. Get my vintage animal cards reprinted.

4. Get new floral greeting cards printed. (Put them on Etsy)

5. Work on some new watercolor/fabric ideas.

6. Art Dolls?

7. Also, I’m participating in this CHAIRity event. Artists are asked to decorate a big ‘ol wooden library chair and it will be auctioned off to support the Mt. Lebanon Public Library. I’ve received my chair - I just need to get cracking on it, the sale starts April 19th.