To-do Update.

on 5/3/12 I had posted ‘5 goals for May’

1. Re-vamp my Etsy account  CHECK IT OUT HERE.
2. put unsold works from the Matthews gallery show, up on Etsy  DONE
3. make 15+ pairs of fabric earrings to sell at the MF shop DONE
4. make 5 new embroidery hoop works a week - So far I’ve failed at this,
I’ve started 4 new ones, but haven’t finished any yet.
5. break out the acrylics and finish a painting


I’m working on a few projects in addition to my previous to-do.

  1. I’m working on a playing card dress to wear to the Mattress Factory’s big fundraiser, The Garden Party. Also, I’m doing an art piece for the live auction, and putting together some music playlists for the VIP party. The fundraiser is June 15th, so I’ve got to get grooving!

  2. Currently I’m working on getting my artwork in galleries & art/craft shows in the area. There are a few opportunities that look promising, I just need to make more new work to show!
  3. Also, M and I are looking at homes, so that has been taking up a lot of time and energy. I’m really excited at the possibility to have a proper studio. Currently each studio session begins and ends by shifting my supplies from one place to another. Also, the majority of my store space is in the basement of my apartment, the basement which is musty and moldy. I have to check periodically to make sure nothing is getting damaged.

    The worst moment was when I found a family of silverfish in a bin along with my photography work from college.